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Day 10


sunny 29 °C

Today we attempted to catch the public bus to Mt Hua Shan, that was one idea that didn't work out. So we ended up hiring a driver to to us to the mountain which is 2 hours away from Xian. Another crazy driver which I think is the norm in China, but after seeing a big accident involving a couple of trucks on the freeway he decided to slow down.
Mt Hua Shan was awesome, we took the cable car to the north peak and climbed the rest of the way to the top. Steep stairway paths lead to the north, south, east and west peaks. We only did the north peak and after that we were buggered. Spent a quite night in, just finished watching Star Trek.
Tomorrow off to the Terracotta warriors.

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Day 9

Arrival in Xian

sunny 28 °C

Finally arrived in Xian after what felt like the longest train trip ever. We decided to take a motorised tuk tuk from the train station to our hotel, wildest ride ever, the driver was determined to drive into as much oncoming traffic as possible. Very happy to arrive in one piece.
It's very smoggy here, the sky just looks brown.
We spent the afternoon wondering around. Went to the bell tower then walked around the Muslim quarter. Not quite like the area around Auburn. Plenty of street food to eat, lots of things smell yummy, not too hygienic though. We did try some lamb on a stick which was nice. For dinner we had a type of Korean BBQ, cooking beef, chicken, mushrooms, onion and potato, everything was very tasty.
A couple of people we have spoken to have had there pockets picked so we are being very careful.

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Day 8

Nanjing/sleeper train to Xian

overcast 28 °C

Today we went to the Nanjing Massacre Museum, which is just as morbid as it sounds. The museum tells the storey of the massacre of the Chinese people of Nanjing by the Japanese at the beginning of world war 2. Very real and depressing.
We then arrived nice and early to the train station to catch our train. The soft sleeper is a 4 berth cabin which we shared with 2 other people, who were pleasant enough.

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Day 7


rain 28 °C

After a nice breakfast of grilled bacon and cheese we headed off to the public bus stop for the Purple mountain (Zijin Mountain). This is a national park just outside of Nanjing. We spent all day here just wondering around enjoying the peace and quiet. I think we walk non stop for about 5 hours. There are many sights to see on the mountain the main one we went to was the tomb of Empoeror Zhu, the only Ming emperor to be buried outside of Beijing.
We had our dinner at a local German/english pub then the hotel we ware staying at had a get together to meet the other travellers which was great fun. Also meet lots of westerners living here teaching English at the various universities around.
Booked our overnight soft sleepers to Xian. 18 hours it will take, I think we got the slow train.

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Day 6.

Shanghai to Nanjing

rain 30 °C

The day started with a trip to the post office to send home some extra weight we don't need to carry. The place was like a mad house, lucky we had what we needed written down in Chinese.
Then we went to shanghai railway station to catch the express train to Nanjing. This place is huge, as it seems everything is in China. Only took an hour and 15 minutes to get to Nanjing travelling at about 250km.
We caught the bus then to our hotel, just showed the driver which stop we needed then just had to hope he would tell us when to get off. Luckily he did.
Nanjing is not as modern as Shanghai, looks quite run down. The traffic is just crazy though, you need eyes in back of your head to cross the road, cars and bikes come from every direction and no one seems to care that your at a pedestrian crossing.

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