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Day 15


overcast 22 °C

After a hellish train trip with no sleep we arrive in Datong at 4:30am. At 7am we can finally check in. The hotel is very ordinary and we decide to stay somewhere else the next night and catch the day train to Beijing, we are so over sleeper trains.
We spend the morning booking the tours for the following day. After walking around town for a bit the most exciting thing we find is a Wallmart, no Kodak moments though.
We spend the rest of the day watching movies and catching up on some sleep.

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Day 14


overcast 28 °C

Not much to report today. 3 days/2nights a bit too long here, I think 2 days would have been long enough as the city is fairly small and all the sights are within walking distance.
Had breakfast at the Sakura inn again, an English breakfast includes 2 eggs, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms, tiny snags, tomato, toast and coffee for 28 yuan which is about $4.50.
Everywhere you go people are spitting and hocking up a lugie, it's really, really gross and not something we can get used to. You cringe every time you here it.
Leaving tonight for Datong on a hard sleeper, which is a six berth open sleeper. We get into Datong at 4.30 am.

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Day 13


overcast 27 °C

Today I spent most of the day it in bed sick, took some Chinese flu medicine but found out later it take 3-4 days to work so bought some real stuff which did the trick. Mayet spent her time wondering around.
In the afternoon we walked sound the city on the wall which is 6.5kms long. Very quiet on the wall as there is no bikes allowed not many people during the walk. Saw the new prison from the wall and the prisoners were waving to us from there rooms.
We had dinner at the same place as we had breakfast and dinner the previous night, nice Chinese and western food and is popular with the tourists.

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Day 12


overcast 27 °C

Arrived at 7am, the train staff wake you up when your stop is coming up. Lucky because we wouldn't have a clue. Someone was waiting at the station with a sign which looked like it had my name on it, so we jumped on his buggy. Unfortunately the buggy wasn't for us so ended up at a different hotel, we all figured it out in the end and I think they thought we were just dumb tourists.
We are staying at the Yide hotel which is very nice, the beds are massive though still rock hard as is the norm in china.
Pingyao is one of a few old cities still in its original condition with the city wall still complete. You need to buy a 2day pass to see any of the sites here and to walk on the city wall.
We spent the afternoon wondering around the city and also went to an old jail which was still in use until the 1960's learned lots of interesting torture techniques.

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Day 11


overcast 28 °C

We are running a bit behind on our blog, Internet a bit dodgy in Xian.
Today we booked a tour with our hotel to see the Terracotta Warriors and also the 8 Immortals Temple. Our Chinese guide spoke good English and she was quite funny. The bus trip to the warriors took just over an hour. There are 3 different pits to see with the most famous and best one being number 1. The guide took us to the number one pit last. During the night time the workers continue digging up the pits and reconstructing the warriors as nearly all the pieces have been smashed by soldiers who broke in centuries ago. The farmer who first discovered the warriors was there today signing books. Afterwards we watched a short film on the history of the Terracotta Warriors.
For lunch we stopped at a restaurant and had a Chinese buffet. The handmade noodles were very nice and also the toffee potatoes.
On the way back we stopped at the 8 immortals temples, were you can light incense and pray. There were a lot of worshippers in there at the time of our visit.
Tonight we get on another over sleeper to Pingyao.
Yes mum we are getting your comments.

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